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We are skilled in all aspects of tax preparation and bookkeeping. Contact us now and request a free consultation to find out how we can help your business save cost and time, and reduce error of accounting records.

Tax Consulting Service

* Tax Preparation

* Tax Planning

* Solving Tax Problems

* Annual Tax Returns (Tax on Profit “TOP”, Minimum Tax)

* Monthly Tax Returns (Prepayment of Profit Tax, Withholding Tax, Tax on Salary, Value Added Tax)

* Other Significant Taxes (Patent Tax, Special Tax, Accommodation Tax, Tax on Public Lighting, Additional Tax on Dividend Distribution)

Accounting/Bookkeeping Service

* Analyze and review all transaction

* Recording Income and Receipt

* Recording Invoice from suppliers and Payment

* Recording depreciation and other adjusting entries

* Recording fixed assets and other accounts

* Cash and Accounts Reconciliations

* Providing financial reports (Income Statement and Balance Sheet…)